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Commerce Champions: Sam Amirikia on Finding the Talent to Drive Digital Transformations


Describe your job in five words.

Vision. Drive. Talent. Collaboration. Impact.

What has the talent acquisition team been focussing on this month?

Onboarding new team members! eWave, and many of our clients are currently going through huge transformations, meaning it’s a very busy time for me. We’ve also launched our sister company, Radium6, and the demand for us to build internal teams for our clients is growing by the day. We have a talent retention rate in the top percentile of the industry – something I’m very proud of, and we often get asked about how we do it. I’m not about to divulge our secret completely, but I will say that it’s been a major focus for me.

What does recruiting for eWave look like?

We’re constantly looking to grow the skill and size of the team. In the best possible way, eWave are my hardest client! We employ a meticulous selection methodology, and this has been a major factor behind our success. Whether it’s excellence in the form of experience, innovation or processes, the first thing we look for in a candidate is the potential to drive our agency forward.

What areas of eWave are growing at the moment?

Our digital consulting and professional services have undoubtedly seen the biggest growth in the last 12 months. As I mentioned before, many of our clients are going through digital transformations, and our team has been fully engaged to support them through this transitional period. We’ve earned a strong reputation in this space, and we’re expecting demand to double over the next 6 months. In terms of the next phase of growth for the agency, we’re currently recruiting in new areas of the business such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Hiring for roles in these kind of areas shows that we’re really investing in innovation and I’m looking forward to seeing where these hires will take us.

How is Radium6 going right now?

It’s no different from eWave – very busy. The talent agency was created to meet demand from eWave’s clients, so we’ve been busy since launch. Radium6 has a great insight into the industry through the links with eWave, plus the unique value proposition of providing in-agency training. We have established strong relationships with several clients, and now we’re opening the door to new partnerships. Currently, all our business is word of mouth, and we’re very grateful to our clients for their support over this period of growth.

What are your predictions for the next 12 months?

From an HR point of view, we have plans for a huge amount of hiring. We want to bring innovation to the HR industry – by investing in AI and embracing big data we can reduce research time, connecting the right candidate with the right position. Our clients are also experiencing growth, so I’m expecting the Radium6 business to at least triple in size by this time next year to keep up with demand. We’re excited!

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Michael Mason
Digital Experience Consultant

Aug 18, 2017