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Healthcare has lagged behind other industries when it comes to digital transformation, despite its vital importance. Changing behaviours driven by a global pandemic has massively accelerated the process, however, and healthcare is increasingly becoming a digitally mature industry.

With the rise of on-demand healthcare and the importance of big data, patients and healthcare professionals now expect efficient, connected and streamlined experiences that are easily accessible for every user on every screen.

The transition to a fully digitalised, offline-to-online patient journey is opening new opportunities in the research and development of medicines and delivery of healthcare services, while resolving barriers to treatment and improving patient outcomes.

eWave has been innovating and delivering revolutionary patient-centric solutions for some of the world’s leading healthcare providers for over a decade. With unparalleled expertise in industry-leading commerce and digital experience platforms, eWave’s consultants help healthcare organisations meet and exceed expectations at speed and scale.

Digitalising the Healthcare Experience
Healthcare and medical device providers are struggling to connect with their patients to provide a seamless, personalised experience globally.

It’s clear there is an urgent need to improve the customer experience across all touchpoints, from patients and carers to healthcare professionals and institutions. To create patient-centric solutions that improve lives, we have to streamline and simplify the entire journey.

With fragmented views of customer and product information across regions, complex patient management processes and strict data protection regulations (including HIPAA compliance), the healthcare industry presents significant transformation challenges.

Outdated offline systems mean that healthcare providers lack advanced architecture and data management systems to manage data collected from multiple sources. A complete overhaul of operations is required in order to process and analyse data efficiently, yet it’s extremely challenging due to the organisational complexity and volume of information.

key challenges

Lack of connection with customers


Inadequate digital infrastructurte


High volume of data from multiple sources


Data protection regulations


Government or insurance co-payments


Complexity around what products can be sold to who

A Healthy Dose of Innovation

At eWave, we understand the importance of seamless customer experiences, and solving complex challenges is our bread and butter. This is how we’ve successfully implemented groundbreaking solutions for global healthcare leaders to help them thrive in the new experience-driven digital landscape.

Our specialised consultants provide an unparalleled understanding of unique industry challenges to develop innovative solutions. In healthcare, it’s evident that personalised and simplified customer journeys are crucial to improving the customer experience.

eWave’s strategic approach and deep expertise enabled the development of a revolutionary healthcare platform to support Cochlear's global growth. The complete transformation project, including journey mapping, UX/UI, re-platforming and multi-country rollouts, resulted in a first-of-its-kind centralised solution that was also compliant with stringent healthcare legislation.

Our team of commerce experts take innovation far beyond the customer experience by tailoring the solution to their unique business needs. We develop industry-first solutions that deliver seamless experiences for healthcare professionals, patients and their families, while ensuring legal compliance of medical data for complete peace of mind.


Considerably enhanced user experience

Faster delivery of patient solutions

Increased customer and healthcare professional satisfaction

D2C experience for rapid global growth

Data compliance

Driving Considerable Business Transformation

eWave simplifies the healthcare industry complexities with innovative, customer-centric digital transformation. Our cutting-edge solution for Cochlear elevated their customer experience, reflecting a key Cochlear value of empowering people to connect.

We helped cement Cochlear’s market-leading position by delivering solutions across 14 countries, which will add value to their global growth strategy well into the future.

Expansion of their global D2C model: The US market for Cochlear is now twice the size of the Australian segment
Enhanced customer experiences across all touchpoints
Innovative solutions to address industry, global and regional requirements
Nestle NCare
Healthcare professional adoption rate increased YOY
Significant reductions in time-consuming, manual processes, including calls and faxes
Improved healthcare professional satisfaction, demonstrated by boosted NPS scores
Wound Management Design Concept & Prototyping for business acceptance
Commerce D2C Design & Engineering Implementation
Growth Managed Services & Support
Connected customer journeys with a unified solution
Streamlined referral processes through account portal and system integrations
Reduced administrative burden to drive productivity and business growth
Client Success

We chose eWave for their deep digital commerce expertise in building a solid platform foundation that enables us to scale for ongoing growth and expansion into new markets.

Tony Chubb
VP IT Business Partnering Services

Since our new website launched, our healthcare professional customer base has experienced a new level of simplicity and agility that is unique in the clinical space.

Jason Jezewski
Commercial & Business Development Manager
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