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Customer Journey Mapping

Put Customer Needs at the

Centre of Brand Experiences

Bring clarity to your CX
High performing brands are refining their customer experience by focusing on the granular interactions between a person and a product or service over time.

An element of service design thinking, customer journey mapping is a technique that enables brands to visualise end-to-end brand experiences from their customers’ perspective. Here, customer journeys are described step-by-step with a strong emphasis on emotional flux, physical and digital touchpoints, as well as demonstrating all backstage actions.

Our consultants help the world’s leading organisations reconsider their understanding of the needs of everyone that has a relationship with the brand, whether it’s their customer, employees, or any external influencers. From this clarity, strengths can be strengthened further, stumbling blocks can be overcome, and opportunities can be seized.

Today’s consumers demand experiences that are aligned with their unique requirements and behaviours, and to meet this demand brands need to develop a clearer picture of their customers’ journeys to purchase.

Daniel Mylnikov, General Manager - Europe | eWave