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Revolutionising Retail Experiences

Online retail has grown consistently for years, but the convergence of advanced technology and a global pandemic has supercharged the rate of digital transformation. Consumers have gone all in and brands have struggled to keep up with expectations.

Global retailers must continuously build their reputation and brand image with the promise of a great omnichannel experience. It’s challenging to match customer expectations in an era where experience matters the most, in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Today's retail environment moves at such a speed, that without a strong appreciation of your customer journey and a desire to continually push the boundaries of the customer experience, it will become increasingly hard to succeed.

eWave engineers user-centric and unified customer experiences that push the limits of brand commerce. We help secure the futures of our clients by developing innovative solutions that meet the demands of dramatic changes in commerce and consumer behaviour.

Elevating the Experience to Exceed Expectations
Retailers are struggling to bridge the physical-digital divide with the sudden shift in consumer behaviours.

Brands must focus on developing their capability and capacity in delivering omnichannel solutions, in order to streamline global operations and roll out unified commerce platforms across all regions.

However, challenges with performance and scalability of legacy, highly-customised platforms, mean that many are held back by digital processes and also lack a detailed understanding of customers in order to deliver personalised and relevant experiences. 

Many large retailers also struggle with effective product information management and the speed of taking new products to market. Vast volumes of product SKUs mean that some brands take many months to get products onto their websites, and stock is often sold out before it’s available online due to the seasonality of retail.


Technology and capacity constraints


Inconsistent global user experience


Slow speed in taking products to market


Increased demand

Streamlined Solutions for Rapid Retail

eWave is a trusted global commerce partner, helping brands to streamline and unify customer experiences while meeting regional needs. With an unparalleled understanding of the retail sector across multiple markets, our consultants help the world’s largest vendors gain a better understanding of their end-to-end purchase experience and develop a roadmap to generate lasting business growth.

We conduct thorough research and follow a proven service design process to help uncover key insights that drive the overall strategy of our solutions. By analysing the business and market opportunity, we create a solid foundation from which to design the experience and overall technology ecosystem.

With exceptional technological expertise, eWave delivers best-in-class ecommerce solutions that support world-class customer experiences and continuous improvements for years to come. By developing outstanding omnichannel experiences and faster, scalable platforms, we keep you ahead of the competition.


Increased sales

Speed to market

Increased customer loyalty

Considerably enhanced user experience

Driving Considerable Business Transformation

eWave has helped retail clients achieve phenomenal success by modernising and streamlining the ecommerce experience. We’ve delivered unified commerce solutions that transform global operations and simplify the shopping process; improving product availability and increasing customer satisfaction.

We’ve implemented seamless replatforms that deliver considerable value to multiple markets, while being completed in concise timeframes. Our clients experience significant increases in average order value, transaction volume, revenue and, crucially, customer loyalty.

Accent Group
170% Year-on-year growth
Online sales increased from $1 million in 2016 to $732 million in 2022
Sales doubled overnight with click-and-collect introduction
Reduced product time-to-market from 3 months to 2 days
Automated product enrichment for 2,500+ suppliers
Myer’s fastest agile project delivery in company history
Toys”R”Us Asia
80% conversion rate increase
Automation and centralisation that significantly lowered overheads and ongoing costs
100% annual revenue growth
Client Success

When it came to executing our digital vision and trying to bring that to life with the same vision and authenticity that we’ve been able to execute our physical retail - that presented a big challenge. eWave brings a unique perspective on how to dial up a digital experience for a consumer. Digital is no longer a threat to our retail business, it’s a really important pillar of strength.

Mark Teperson
Chief Digital Officer
Accent Group

The experienced team at eWave made me feel like we were in a true partnership. They built the eCommerce strategy from the ground up to really unify the customer experience. As a global partner, they also brought region-specific knowledge that was invaluable to our localisation requirements.

Tim Halaska
Regional General Manager - Digital Strategy
Toys"R"Us Asia
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