Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Innovative B2B & B2C Experiences

Leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud features, eWave help the world’s leading organisations connect the dots across sales, commerce, marketing, customer service and beyond. As Asia Pacific’s leading independent certified Salesforce Commerce implementation partner, eWave has the experience and expertise to drive digital transformation technologies that impact your business.

Powering end-to-end integrated digital commerce solutions for the world’s leading organisations

We have strong partnerships with the world’s top commerce technology providers

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

The world’s biggest retailers choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud as the engine that drives their enterprise eCommerce operations and global expansion.

  • Scale your B2C Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation
  • Replatform from an obsolete ecommerce solution
  • Reduce total cost of ownership to maintain your platform
  • Expand to new global markets
  • Offer online marketplaces experiences
  • Offer Sales & Subscription Models
  • Understand your customers' purchasing behaviour
  • Personalise Experiences with better customer insights
  • Build Stronger Inventory Management

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Enables seamless, self-service B2B experiences that boost revenue, empower sales teams and accelerate speed-to-market with a Salesforce implementation partner.


  • Expand digital B2B sales channels & Marketplaces
  • Deliver enhanced B2B portals
  • Introduce Self-service options
  • Simplify inventory ordering and subscription sales
  • Implement contract pricing and account-based pricing
  • Create a seamless integrated Salesforce ecommerce ecosystem


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps marketers develop a detailed picture of their consumer and personalise their experience across every touchpoint.


  • Create automated journeys
  • Deliver personalised user journeys
  • Develop and deploy mobile-responsive email experiences
  • Personalised, multi-brand campaigns
  • Campaign Management & Database segmentation
  • SMS & Real Time Notifications


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The Salesforce ecosystem brings enormous potential for enterprise organisations to transform their business in all areas, from commerce to sales, marketing to customer service. When all this data is successfully managed in a unified platform, growth generally follows. 

Karl Norman, CEO | eWave