Retail: Ripcurl I eWave


To streamline global operations and create fluid customer experiences.

Ripcurl, market leaders in the surfing industry, are known for their quality product, expertise and innovation. With a goal of aligning the online experience with their brand values, the retailer set to streamline their global operations and roll out one unified Commerce platform across all regions.


Providing the support and technology needed to enable growth.

To make this transformation possible, we needed a unified, agile and powerful Commerce platform that was flexible enough to centralise Ripcurl’s operations across regions and power the business for growth at speed and scale. 

To reduce the reliance on Ripcurl’s global warehouses and improve distribution capabilities, a flexible OMS was implemented which allows the company to pull products from the most optimal location to fulfil the customers order -  whether this be from a global warehouse or another Ripcurl store. This system has also made it possible for Ripcurl customers to have several delivery options, including same day delivery.