Join us in this B2B commerce webinar, hosted by eWave, Adobe Commerce and Mirakl, as we explore the need for B2B organisations to provide simplified, compelling customer experiences to satisfy today’s B2B buyers, and how to leverage marketplaces to provide convenient one-stop shops that scale fast.

Topic: Modernising B2B Commerce and Accelerating Growth

This valuable webinar will help you:

▪ Understand the current B2B market challenges and trends.

▪ Learn how businesses can adapt to these challenges.

▪ Discover the benefits of B2B digital commerce transformation.

▪ Explore what solutions are transforming B2B engagements.

▪ Learn how the marketplace model helps B2B businesses to accelerate growth and get access to end customers while avoiding channel conflict.

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Kay Hin Lee
Kay Hin Lee
Solutions Consultant, Adobe Commerce GCR
Alexis de Fontenay
Alexis de Fontenay
VP Business Development, Asia
Ronan Byrne
Ronan Byrne
Regional Sales Director, Asia

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