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First Movers in Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry faces unique challenges in commerce, and global organisations have struggled to navigate the digital innovation curve. In a post-COVID world dominated by social media, the demands on FMCG brands are only increasing.

The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the migration to ecommerce for FMCG and rapidly changing customer expectations require an overhaul of operations in order to provide a seamless and connected experience.

As digital FMCG commerce continues to outpace offline growth, the opportunity for organisations to access more customers across more markets is unprecedented, creating a huge advantage for brands that transform effectively.

eWave’s commerce consultants help retailers and manufacturers develop omnichannel strategies, strengthen physical and digital infrastructures, and create customer experiences which accelerate growth at speed and scale.

Connecting the Customer Experience
Beyond technology, effective marketing is required in order to reinforce connections with consumers across multiple regions.

Traditionally B2B organisations, FMCG businesses are realising that their digital channels and platforms are not equipped for the huge surge in demand, and are struggling with confusing user experiences caused by outdated technology.

There’s an immediate need to digitalise operations and simplify the online journey to build loyal customers and increase sales. Beyond technology, effective marketing is required in order to reinforce connections with consumers across multiple regions.

Additionally, FMCG brands have been faced with the opportunity of going direct-to-consumer (D2C). While there is huge potential to accelerate ecommerce operations with D2C, it raises new challenges around customer acquisition and retention, profitability and logistics.


Lack of connection with customers


Complex customer experiences


Move to D2C

Digital Experiences that Power Global Growth

eWave has more than a decade of expertise in reimaging ecommerce experiences for FMCG brands. Our specialised consultants provide an unparalleled understanding of unique industry challenges to develop innovative solutions.

We work closely with FMCG organisations to assess the entire digital ecosystem and develop a commerce strategy that empowers them with flexibility, scalability and agility. By taking a customer-first approach, we develop strategic roadmaps focused on customer experience outcomes.

eWave delivers powerful, cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline experiences for our clients and their customers. Furthermore, we developed a bespoke D2C solution to help FMCG brands take advantage of a new business model at speed and reduced cost.

Understanding that innovation doesn’t stop at technology, we push the boundaries of design and usability to maximise user experience and conversion. With a focus on reinvigorating customer acquisition and retention strategies, we develop end-to-end marketing strategies that drive value, loyalty and growth.


Higher engagement

Increased sales

Speed to market

Considerably enhanced user experience

Reduced operational cost

Improved customer relationships

Reduced demand on call centres

Ability to service much broader market efficiently (small to midsize players)

Driving Considerable Business Transformation

eWave has helped FMCG brands overcome complex challenges with a unique blend of technological expertise and creative flair. We deliver customer-centric solutions that drive considerable business transformation.

Our forward-thinking creativity has delivered valuable features for Nestle’s customers, like hyper-personalisation and product recommendation. Our unwavering commitment to optimising customer experience has resulted in reimagined applications for Coca-Cola and Godiva, leading to greater engagement and increased sales.

Launched to 70,000 B2C and B2B customers
Sales doubled every 3 months for the first 1.5 years after launch
100% increase in subscriptions
Optimised customer experience across every touchpoint
Stronger brand impression and higher quality leads
Accelerated product time-to-market
Increased sales across digital and physical channels
Bounce rates reduced to less than 30%
Social media followers increased by up to 400 per day
Engaging experiences across all devices
Highly targeted email campaigns across multiple brands
Automated customer nurturing
Client Success

eWave helped develop my vision of having a single ecommerce platform for once-off purchases as well as a subscription-based solution, and tailor online experiences depending on whether you are a B2B or B2C customer, which has been transformational for our business.

Nicole Crivelli
Former National Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Manager
Coca-Cola Amatil
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