The Challenge

How could Ideal Electrical Suppliers efficiently manage product information across their multiple commerce channels?

Founded in 1936 with 48 branches nationwide, Ideal are New Zealand’s leading retailer of electrical supplies. With over 100,000 products, the organisation was challenged with the efficient management of product information across their multiple channels - eCommerce, POS and ERP.

The Strategy

Leverage the power of Akeneo to streamline product information management

After identifying the need for a PIM solution to streamline their product information management, Ideal selected eWave to deliver the solution due to the agency’s experience in successfully delivering end-to-end commerce solutions for the world’s leading brands. Leveraging the power of Akeneo PIM, eWave would reengineer the organisation’s technology infrastructure and processes to deliver efficiency and considerably enhance customer experience.

The Result

A centralised hub of product information that optimises efficiency across multiple channels

Solving the challenges of Ideal’s multichannel commerce ecosystem, eWave’s Akeneo-powered PIM solution focuses on collecting product data, enriching and improving data quality, and then spreading that data to the organisation’s multiple channels. Providing a single-source of product information, and bringing efficiency to organisational processes, the solution has completely transformed Ideal’s business.

Enhanced staff efficiency through streamlined processes

Centralised, single-source of product information

Seamlessly interconnected commerce technology ecosystem

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