The Challenge

How could Coke Vending reimagine their digital experience and accelerate lead generation?

As Australia’s leading supplier of vending machines in the B2B sector, Coke Vending services hundreds of locations nationwide. With an outdated UI/UX and an online awareness uncharacteristic of a Coca-Cola brand, Coke Vending approached eWave with a goal of organisation-wide digital transformation. Providing customers a quick and easy means of gathering important information, and subsequently submitting an enquiry was paramount to the success of application.

The Strategy

To resolve, rebuild and transform the Coke Vending customer experience

Coke Vending’s reimagination required a two phase strategy. First, to resolve critical issues with the backend development and Search Engine Optimisation; second, to rebuild the user journey and transform the customer experience. After conducting research into real customer behaviour, eWave formulated a digital roadmap that would accelerate awareness and lead generation across every device.

The Result

A radically user-centric, seamless digital commerce experience for Coke Vending customers

The reimagined application is a result of Coke Vending’s vision, and eWave’s unwavering commitment to optimising customer experience. Forward-thinking, primed for conversion, and built on the foundations of extensive research - the partnership has taken a globally recognised brand to the next level. Ensuring the transformation was delivered in the quickest possible time to market, eWave employed a unique backend development methodology to minimise project timelines whilst retaining the ability to customise features and realise the brand’s vision.

A reimagined digital experience for a globally-recognised brand

Minimal time-to-market through eWave’s unique development methodology

Enhanced customer awareness & lead generation engine

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