We’ve found that modern, digital-first consumers have ever-changing and growing expectations when it comes to buying experiences. B2B companies, unfortunately, are struggling to keep up. To let B2B organisations adapt and thrive in the new market, we are running this exclusive webinar.

Topic: Building the Experience and Efficiency for Faster B2B Growth

Get an in-depth look at how B2B companies are leading the way with a cutting-edge solution that lets them scale rapidly and go to market faster.

Our exclusive 45-minute webinar will help you:

▪ Identify the digital trends you can’t ignore as a B2B merchant in 2022

▪ Discover how to rapidly launch & adapt your B2B commerce platform and unlock faster revenue growth

▪ Understand how to reduce operational costs and increase your teams’ efficiency

▪ Uncover insights and success stories of digital and omnichannel B2Bs leading the way.

Intended Audience:

▪ Roles: C-level executives (CIO, CDO, CMO, CFO, CTO, COO, CEO), VPs, Directors, Heads of Departments in IT, Digital, eCommerce, Marketing

▪ Industries: Manufacturing, Healthcare and Pharma, Insurance, Automotive (and other B2B commerce organisations)

Watch the webinar now and discover how to deliver the next-gen B2B experiences.

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