Retail: Platypus


How could Platypus take their

digital commerce experience to

the next level?

Platypus curates the latest and greatest footwear and apparel for individuals with a personal style. With an already well established brick and mortar presence, Platypus sought to empower the customer by streamlining omnichannel purchase journeys and creating compelling experiences at every touchpoint.

Commerce @Core Solution

To harmoniously balance functionality, efficiency and innovation

Innovation was at the core of Platypus’ strategy. With over 70 Platypus stores spanning across Australia and New Zealand, eWave created a digital roadmap that guides the brand’s vision of multi-channel transformation. The goal was to offer customers a connected, streamlined experience across all channels, and the strategy was a blueprint for success in a fast-changing market.

Best Commerce Experience
Adobe Experience Maker Awards 2019