B2C: Nike


How could eWave create a digital experience worthy of the world’s biggest sportswear brand?

As the most recognisable sportswear brand in the world, Nike was looking to align their online presence with their reputation for quality and innovation. The brand wanted to entirely restructure their user journey, redevelop their integrations, and produce a seamless transition from acquisition to conversion. In 2015, Nike selected eWave to build out their digital roadmap and accelerate their journey to commerce maturity.

Commerce @Core Solution

To restructure, redesign and rebuild

Nike customers are famously brand loyal, but the performance of the online store was letting them down. The brand’s reimagination would come in two phases. eWave would first regain the stability of the application by streamlining backend systems, and then redesign and rebuild the user journey. Through digital reinvention, the strategy would reengage a frustrated customer and realign the commerce experience with the vision of the brand.