B2B: Canon


How could Canon Australia

reinvent the B2B experience for

their network of vendors?

Canon Australia had a clear vision, plain and simple: be known for offering the best B2B customer experience in the market. They also wanted to empower their vendors with a B2C-like self-service commerce platform that exceeded expectations at every stage of the purchase journey. To realise these ambitious goals, Canon Australia needed a commerce platform that was agile and powerful enough to cater for their unique business requirements and scale with their aggressive growth plans. Secondly, they needed an implementation partner with the skills and experience necessary to guide them through their digital transformation.

Commerce @Core Solution

Create a partnership for success to

deliver an exceptional experience at

every interaction.

In a market full of competing technologies, one platform stood out as the clear leader of the pack. Backed by over 250,000 deployments for many of the world’s biggest brands, Canon joined an illustrious group in selecting Magento. The platform offered Canon Australia complete flexibility and customisability, as well as the capability to grow with the brand itself. eWave was selected from the leading commerce agencies in the Asia Pacific region, as a result of the agency’s extensive experience in delivering complex Magento implementations at speed and scale.