To meet the evolving expectations

of the Ultraceutical customer and

prepare the business for growth.

Ultraceuticals, a leader in the global cosmeceutical industry, were operating their business on an out-dated commerce platform that was impeding on their plans for growth. They required a unique enterprise commerce stack that could meet the evolving expectations of their customers, delivering a truly engaging digital experience and allowing for growth.

Commerce @Core Solution

Formulate a digital roadmap that would deliver a reimagined customer experience.

Working closely with the Ultraceutical team, eWave consultants conducted a thorough end-to-end audit of the entire business, formulating a digital roadmap that would create an engaged online customer base.

Next, they needed a commerce platform flexible and powerful enough to cater for Ultraceuticals’ unique business requirements, allowing it to scale into the future and bring their commerce vision to life.