With lockdowns continuing and people avoiding crowds or in person contact to shop from anywhere online. Businesses across the globe have accelerated the need to digitise commerce. This has not just been limited to traditional retailers, some of whom may have stalled their investment in eCommerce until now. We are now seeing the rise of B2B (e.g. selling insurance services) and Manufacturers of all kinds going Direct to Consumer.

This webinar panel will shine a light on how industry leaders are adapting to new economic conditions by accelerating their digital capabilities.


▪ Trending strategic insights

▪ How they transformed

▪ Hurdles they overcame to scale globally

▪ While creating superior customer service

▪ And what preparations are underway for what is next

Although this series is of benefit cross industry, this panel will zoom in on Healthcare as an industry that is heavily regulated with variance by country.

This webinar is a must for professionals working to go direct to consumers and accelerate their digital strategy globally. You will also access Salesforce Global Leadership and eWave experts for advice on how to thrive when going Direct to Consumer.

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Enjoy the video!

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