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How Platypus Stayed One Step Ahead of the Australian Footwear Industry

Platypus is a giant in the fashion footwear market. With over 70 brick and mortar stores spanning across Australia and New Zealand, the brand wanted to extend their category dominance online by undertaking a digital transformation.

Platypus came to eWave with the goal to offer customers a single, streamlined brand commerce experience across all channels. Last year, this became a reality.

Let’s see how they did it.

A Connected Experience

A highly complex backend is required for managing the significant online traffic and connect all brick and mortar stores. But Platypus went further than just implementing a backend system to maintain stability and manage orders.

Instead, they created a single backend for all their brands. This means that their parent company, RCG, can manage the backend for multiple brands across many storefronts. And this scalability opens a world of opportunities for global expansion.

Then there’s the decentralised inventory system. A custom built Apparel 21 ERP integration connects all warehouses and retail stores into one multi-channel system. This ensures customers can always purchase their desired product regardless of where the stock is held.

This architecture also enabled Platypus to offer their customers industry-leading functionality such as click and collect, click and dispatch and multi-channel returns, empowering them to shop their way.

Ultimate Usability

The Platypus online store goes far beyond being visually stunning. Every element of the application is specially designed to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Based on extensive strategy and user journey workshops, Platypus created a product navigation system that empowers the customer to experience all brands and shoes the way they want to. This means product showcases, content and Social Commerce integrations, all on the one application, perfectly optimised for the device it’s being used on.

Addressing the issue that different brands and regions have their own particular sizes, Platypus built a custom sizing matrix for all brands and regional sizing systems, ensuring customers get the perfect fit every time they shop.

Importantly, all this effort paid major dividends for the brand’s digital traffic and engagement. Platypus’ online store regularly experiences over 5x more visitors at any one time than the industry average. Despite this, they have maintained optimum application speed and performance throughout all sessions on every device.

Platypus are an industry leader for good reason because they have the vision, team and technology partners to bring about their complete digital transformation.

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Nevan Lalich
Head of Creative

Jul 27, 2017