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What is Headless Commerce in layman's terms, why should brands be making the change now?

PWA headless commerce isn't just tech hype. It's the future of commerce that leading brands are using to improve results rapidly.

Simply put, it’s the separation of the front-end and back-end of your eCommerce architecture. Why is it important? Speed, experience, and capability.

With PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), you can launch next-gen front-end experiences at lightning speed. Customers gain immersive, memorable shopping experiences with the best of mobile and web technologies combined. True omnichannel capability creates consistent brand experiences everywhere.

How are you planning to use PWA headless to strengthen your brand in 2021 and beyond? Let us know! Or get in touch for more ideas on future-proofing your eCommerce business

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Nevan Lalich
Head of Creative

Jul 07, 2021