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eWave supercharge staff perks with launch of Unlimited Paid Leave Policy

In a move that places the agency on the same level of staff perks as companies such as Netflix, eWave announced last month that Unlimited Paid Annual Leave would be rolled out across the company, globally.

The policy is intended to be mutually beneficial for both the company and its employees, and empower eWave team members with the freedom to take as many days leave as necessary to perform at their highest level.

“We’ve always believed that trusted, empowered and well rested employees have a much higher chance of being happier and achieving better results, both in and outside of work,” announced Fatima Said, eWave Managing Director.

“Over the last year or so, we’ve proven this with initiatives such as remote work for our team globally, as well as flexible working hours. Unlimited leave is just the latest perk that contributed to 2018 being eWave’s biggest year of growth to date.”

The new policy has allowed team members who regularly travel for work with the flexibility to take extra leave days to catch up on family time. Similarly, staff will have the option of time off after a demanding project delivery, without having to worry about the amount of days they have accrued.

“It takes a combination of highly engaged employees who love what they do, an appreciation of work/life balance, and perhaps most importantly, complete faith that the policy won’t be abused. I’m incredibly lucky to lead a team of absolute professionals who I trust entirely, and who I will be actively encouraging to make the most of this new policy”, added Fatima.  

eWave is currently hiring across a number of departments globally. If you’d like to be a part of APAC’s leading independent digital commerce agency and have access to industry-leading perks, view our vacancies here.

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Michael Mason
Digital Experience Consultant

Jan 10, 2019