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Daniel Mylnikov Appointed eWave’s Head of Consulting

eWave’s Head of Solution Delivery, Daniel Mylnikov, has today been appointed as the agency’s Head of Consulting. In his new role, Daniel will champion eWave’s brand commerce vision, strengthen and broaden eWave’s service offering, and galvanise the agency’s leadership of the APAC market.

Daniel has been an integral part of the eWave success story since joining the company in 2013, with his commercial mind, technical background and entrepreneurial approach proving instrumental to building the team both in Australia and across Europe.

The appointment follows eWave’s investment in services such as service design, customer experience management and artificial intelligence, and will play a vital role in helping the agency’s clients reimagine their business in the age of digital transformation.

“In pursuit of our brand commerce vision, we’re delighted to announce the appointment of Daniel Mylnikov to Head of Consulting, expanding his leadership & responsibilities across the company to build a new division that will focus on strategic consulting engagements to take brands and organisations on their digital transformation journey through a service design approach.” announced Fatima Said, Managing Director of eWave.

Speaking about his new role, Daniel added: “This role will create new services for the agency and allow us to form deeper and more strategic partnerships with our clients. We will become not only the thought leader, but the partner they turn to with any questions around how they can succeed in today’s digital world. As an agency with a clear vision for growth, we are now in the perfect position to take the next step in partnering with our clients”.

eWave have also announced the appointment of Nate Ryan, who will join the agency in order to help Daniel with the transition into his new position and to take up his vacated post of Head of Solution Delivery. Nate joins eWave with over a decade of management consulting experience delivering world class solutions across multiple industry sectors.

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Michael Mason
Digital Experience Consultant

Oct 10, 2017