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Announcements from Dreamforce

New developments in Customer 360: Announcements from Dreamforce

The holy grail of customer experience is having all the data on an individual customer in a single record. Recognise them instantly, and give them a great experience in the era of ever-increasing customer expectations. 

At Dreamforce, the company's massive customer conference that took place in San Francisco last week, Salesforce announced the latest iteration of Customer 360, its platform of tools designed to create that single record.

What's the issue?

Nearly 70% of customers say they expect connected experiences in which their preferences are known across touch points. However, organisational and technical complexity often gets in the way of meeting these expectations. 

Companies have legacy infrastructure and data silos, leading to fragmented data and fragile integrations between systems. Inconsistent methods for accessing, reconciling and activating customer data make it challenging for companies to deliver connected experiences across these systems. As a result, companies often have multiple usernames, email addresses, or purchase histories for the very same customer across different systems, and managing a customer's consent and contact preferences across the business becomes harder as new data regulations come into play.

Announcing Customer 360 Truth

One year ago, Salesforce announced Customer 360, a customer data platform that aims to integrate customer information from all of an organisation's siloed data sources. Now, Salesforce is rolling out Customer 360 Truth. 

The new services leverage the Cloud Information Model, a new data model powered by Mulesoft technology, to let organisations create a single source of truth for customers. From there, organisations can authenticate customer information and ensure it meets data governance requirements.

The main component is Customer 360 Data Manager, which will allow admins to link data sources and reconcile customer profiles. There's also a customer data platform (CDP) component, Customer 360 Audiences, for generating segmented audiences from the amalgamated data.

There's a Privacy and Data Governance tool for simplifying compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and a single sign-on service that promises to enable customers to log in to all of a company's web properties based on their Salesforce ID.

So what does this mean?

In a nutshell, Customer 360 Truth enables you to build a complete view of your customers and deliver the seamless experiences they expect- across Commerce, Marketing, and Service- and not just with Salesforce data. This is excellent news for multiple industries, who struggle to get out of silos and streamline their multi-channel initiatives into one engaging customer experience.

Here at eWave, we can help you harness the power of Salesforce Customer 360 Truth, underpinned by AI. We understand how it can impact your business. Speak to us today. 

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Carmel Zein
Brand Marketing Manager

Nov 26, 2019