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Commerce Conversations: eWave CEO, Karl Norman, on the Opportunity of the Asian Commerce Market

We caught up with eWave Co-Founder & CEO, Karl Norman, to discuss the agency’s activity in Asia, the commerce opportunity for brands in the region, and how organisations can accelerate their growth through expansion into international markets. Read the full interview below.

Karl, tell us why eWave made the step to expand its Asian operations.

Digital commerce sales in Asia Pacific are set to reach $1.9 Trillion USD this year, which makes the region as a whole incredibly important for both us and our clients. We’re working with several organisations who want to grow in various markets, and having people on the ground is essential to enabling that growth.

Since growing the agency’s global presence to Singapore, Hong Kong and China, we now know we have an unparalleled knowledge of the digital landscape across the Asia-Pacific region. We’re also looking to open offices in Tokyo and Seoul, so this is really just the beginning for us.

What does eWave’s presence in the region mean for organisations across Asia?

We truly believe we have something no other commerce agency has, and that’s the most technically skilled team in the industry. The fact that we’re highly specialised in commerce means our consultants are able to provide an unparalleled understanding of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

We also have a unique project delivery solution that provides the foundation for organisations of any size and industry to gain efficiency and reduce deployment time, with less risk. This, in parallel with our expertise, has been what has set us apart from global agencies and earned our reputation across the APAC region.

What’s the biggest consideration for brands wanting to accelerate their expansion across Asia?

The biggest challenge for those looking to move into Asian markets is predominantly down to the intricacies of commerce in each specific region. With variances in consumer behaviour, language, currency and regulation, as well as the issue of geographical distance, establishing a partnership with a local team is vital to growth in Asia.

The key to solving these issues is to work with a partner that truly understands the market, and how to succeed in it. Organisations really need to focus on finding a team that has a deep knowledge of their business and their operations, as well as their ultimate goal.

Our teams across Asia, as well as our network of local partners, have so much experience across a number of industry verticals, and have a strong track record of delivering highly technical commerce solutions for the world’s leading brands.


Michael Mason
Michael is a Digital Campaign Strategist at eWave. With a passion for connecting brands with innovation in the commerce space, he has a focus in AI, Omnichannel Strategy and Marketing Automation. Follow his work here or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Mar 19, 2018