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Commerce Champions: Nevan Lalich on Rewriting the Rules of Commerce Driven Design


How have you come to be in this position today?

I started my commerce journey in 2003 when ecommerce was in its infancy. Today, customers expect more from brands than ever before. Throughout my career, I’ve managed to bridge this gap through creative design, finding innovative ways of using technology to offer real value to customers. The trick is making the complex feel simple, and that’s where the biggest rewards are.

What does good Commerce-driven design mean to you?

To me, it all comes down to experience and performance. Information needs to be found fast, and the design has be intuitive to lead to conversion. For this, design, aesthetics and information architecture is key. We know that online behaviour is based on a series of subconscious questions: “Does the application offer value to me?” “Is it easy to use?” “Am I delighted by the experience?” An engaging and effective user experience leaves users answering “yes” to all these questions.

Tell us about your creative process.

As a creative director, my process is as much about managing multiple teams as it is about perfecting my own work. Starting from the baseline of achieving the best possible user experience, we tirelessly research our users’ online behaviour, analysing their specific needs and identifying how they want to shop. We then set about creating the most functional and engaging design to drive brand engagement and top line sales. When everyone is responsible for the user experience, success is just a part of the process.

What is one piece of advice you’d give someone starting their creative career?

Always pay attention to what’s happening in the creative world and everything that influences it, and consistently update your skillset. A designer isn’t just someone who uses Photoshop – you need to be multi-skilled across various creative related industries to be able to stay a leader in what you do.

What has been your proudest moment at eWave?

It has to be Canon Australia. As professional photography has formed a large part of my early career, I loved the brand but was frustrated when it came to the digital experience. I said, “One day, I’d love to be able to redefine the Canon experience online.” 10 years later and I was leading the team to drive the brand’s Commerce applications, delivering a clean, easy to consume digital shopping experience for B2C, B2B and Professional Services, as well as the brand’s very first mobile commerce touchpoint.

What’s the technology that will transform the future of commerce?

AI powered voice usability – hands down. The technology behind Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa is already integral to a lot of people’s’ everyday lives, and this will only increase, particularly for commerce. Here at eWave, we’re investing heavily in AI, and are busy implementing the technology into many of our applications for clients. Don’t watch this space, be a part of it.


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May 30, 2017