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Commerce Champions: How Matthew Bowolick is Reimagining Brand Commerce

Here at eWave, we believe that our people are our best asset. In our Commerce Champions series, we’re putting the spotlight on the team to find out what makes them tick, what projects they’re working on, and where they see the future of commerce. Introducing Matthew Bowolick!

What’s your area of focus at eWave?

As a Business Analyst, I specialise in working with brands who are going through digital transformations. It’s exciting for me to translate business visions into technical requirements and see how brand commerce can be reimagined.

What exciting projects have you been a part of recently?

I work with countless exciting projects with my role, more recently I have been working on another transformation project with Faber-Castell to completely reengineer the way their organisation develops processes disseminates their product information worldwide. It’s something that I’m really passionate about, and will bring huge improvements to customer experience and product management processes globally.

What tools benefit your role that could benefit other Business Analysts?

I’m exposed to many tools as a Business Analyst, and they change depending on the project, but I absolutely could not live without POSTMAN.

What exciting things are happening at eWave at the moment?

So many things! We’re going through an incredible period of growth and transformation as a company, opening a new Sydney CBD office and hiring plenty of industry-leading talent. Also, with Magento 2 and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we’re working with two innovative platforms that are redefining what is possible with global commerce.

What has been your proudest moment at eWave?

Kennards Hire go-live was a milestone for both me and many of my colleagues! The application was the first online hiring platform in Australia, and the business came to life in a way we never expected. The team at Kennards Hire are incredibly forward thinking, and working with them will live long in my memory.

What are your predictions for the future of digital commerce?

There’s a trend in interconnecting platforms across multiple disciplines to support an integrated digital eco-system, rather than standalone commerce technologies – eWave has been partnering with brands on the forefront of this innovation. This has become critical for success in an increasingly digital environment and I feel that many more brands will follow this trajectory in order to stay relevant.


Find out how Matthew and the eWave team can help your business today, contact us.

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May 15, 2017