Healthcare: Cochlear


How could Cochlear accelerate

their growth on the global scale?

With a series of global storefronts running on entirely separate systems, Cochlear had an inconsistent user experience across borders and a disjointed view of orders, product information and customer data. Cochlear needed an agency partner that had experience implementing commerce solutions across markets. Enticed by the brand vision, eWave took on the challenge.

Commerce @Core Solution

Unify Cochlear’s brand presence

and customer experience on a

single platform

Creating a connected experience across every region, eWave would work with Cochlear to unify each global storefront on a central commerce platform. Leveraging Magento to power the transformation, a digital roadmap was constructed to provide a seamless and replicable go-to-market strategy. With this formula, Cochlear’s customer experience would be consistent regardless of geography, streamlining and accelerating the brand’s growth.