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Lorna Jane

eWave the Strategic Partner to Execute Global Ecommerce Strategy & Replatform for Lorna Jane

We have partnered with iconic Australian brand, Lorna Jane, who have selected us to be their strategic ecommerce partner agency, to help deliver their vision of being the world’s leading activewear brand. Founded in 1989 and positioning itself at the forefront of the active lifestyle movement, Lorna Jane has 166 retail stores worldwide, providing garments that inspire women to live a passion-fuelled life through Active Living™.

In order to achieve their goals, Lorna Jane understood the importance of implementing innovative technologies to deliver on customer expectations. They sought out a partner and platform combination that could provide the capabilities, speed and efficiency to support their enterprise ecommerce operations and global expansion - and we were more than happy to assist! Working side by side, we supported their digital transformation and helped design, build and deliver a new ecommerce platform that would revolutionise their digital presence.

The combined goal established in the Lorna Jane partnership resulted in a Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation, in order to launch their commerce sites in six regions in just six months. With global expertise and a flair for reimagining the customer experience, we provided the strategic leadership and innovative solutions to deliver on the objectives: ensuring the successful rollout of sites in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution was successful by enabling the partnership to deliver results quickly and effectively, while remaining efficient and adding substantial, long-term value. Our team provided consultancy services with technical and creative expertise, to help navigate the digital landscape and connect the dots across sales, commerce, marketing and customer service, to ultimately help fuel Lorna Jane’s transformation and expansion.

Lorna Jane is “a global brand, but think and act with a small business mindset,” which meant it was important to choose a partner that complemented this ethos. We have a similar approach and culture in this regard, meaning both organisations are excited for a collaborative, understanding and strategic partnership.

“The Salesforce ecosystem brings enormous potential for enterprise organisations to transform their business in all areas, from commerce to sales, marketing to customer service,” says Karl Norman, eWave CEO. “When all this data is successfully managed in a unified platform, growth generally follows.”

eWave is a full-service e-commerce agency that provides commerce, product inventory management, marketing and customer experience capabilities. We specialise in complex platform and product inventory management system rollouts with global brands such as Lorna Jane and Toys“R”Us; facilitating expanded commerce presence across multiple regions with Salesforce solutions.

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Nevan Lalich
Head of Creative

Jul 30, 2020