Beauty: BoxyCharm

The Challenge

To personalise a subscription based business using sophisticated systems and automated workflows

BoxyCharm is a leading subscription based beauty box in the US. Since its launch, Boxycharm has been rapidly growing and came to eWave to help them automate their processes to provide market leading services to their customers.


Being on Magento.2.1, Boxycharm had big goals to increase the number of products they deliver as well as increase user loyalty amongst their ‘charmers’. We were tasked with the challenge of finding systems that integrate with Magento to improve the experience with a focus on personalised and flawless processes across logistics, finance and CX. 

The Strategy

Creating integrations with multiple platforms to provide personalised experiences

First, we identified a need to build a Magento 2 > SFMC integration, to allow Magento to trigger SFMC for custom events. We then decided to build an interface to map the triggers so that everything moves via SFMC servers.


This meant exporting and adjusting all active templates, workflows and email lists from the existing platform. All the previous data was used to increase email personalisation by using order information for promotional emails and abandoned cart triggers.