BEAUTY: BoxyCharm

The Challenge

To develop a complete and personalised experience that could charm the ‘charmers’

BoxyCharm wanted to improve the journey for their customers (called ‘charmers’) by creating a more personalised, efficient and complete experience, ensuring that all aspects of the eCommerce journey were the best in the market.


As a rapidly growing business, BoxyCharm needed to streamline the customer journey by automating their processes and increasing the number of products available on their site, thus increasing the number of customers.

Commerce @ core Solution

Sophisticated personalisation to improve the customer experience.

BoxyCharm is a monthly beauty subscription service and a leader in the industry. Driven by an impressive growth of more than 100% year over year, the client wanted to personalise their customer experience using sophisticated systems and automated workflows. 


eWave was tasked with the challenge of finding systems that could be integrated with Magento to deliver a more user-friendly website to improve customer experience with a focus on personalised and automated processes across the company in logistics, finance and customer.